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I first heard of the invisible Pink Unicorns on an atheist website in the late 90's. At that time, there was a rich history of satirical texts reguarding the IPU. All of these texts treat the IPU as a singular deity, much as christians treat theirs. The language used to describe her was written in the style of scriptures to further satirize the christian religion.

But my cat Cloe revealed to me the truth of the Invisible Pink Unicorns. The truth is that just as there are many people, and many cats, there are also many Invisible Pink Unicorns. Not only is it true, its more fun that way! The polytheistic religion of Invisible Pink Unicornism is one of the easiest religions to practice. There are no obligations, and as many holidays as you want. Any day can be celebrated as an Invisible Pink Unicorn Day. In fact, Today is Invisible Pink Unicorn Day!

Cloe and I give Invisible Pink Unicorn presents instead of Christmas presents. We celebrate Invisible Pink Unicorn day whenever and however we feel like it. You are welcome to join us in this new and fun religion.

You can still believe that there is only one Invisible Pink Unicorn, but I think that monotheism is boring! And why taint the worship of the Invisible Pink Unicorns with ugly similarities to christianity? Polytheism is just more fun. Even the catholic church couldn't let go of it when they were forced to convert from Paganism to christianity. Pray to any saints lately catholics? Last time I checked, preying to multiple deities wasn't considered monotheistic. Bad christians! Bad! Bad!

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