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Divine Links of Invisible Pinkness, and some Oyster Balls to Avoid



Essential Goodness- MUST SEE!

Site of much divine inspiration, although the prophets are slightly deceived as to the true nature of Her."

"For example, it is more or less agreed that she is partial to ham and pineapple pizza, although some vegetarians dissent that since IPU is vegetarian, it must be pineapple and mushroom." From the Invisible pink unicorn entry in Wikipedia- obviously detailing our sect. Unfortunately, this and many other important explanations of the IPU have been removed from the wikipedia entry by the self-important RED PEN OF DOOM, who clearly has some issues. Just check out the "talk" page on that site. And no, I was not one of the ones trying to reinstate the references to virtual temples, but I was nevertheless amused that this RED PEN OF DOOM couldn't see that a webpage about an internet phenomenon is pretty ironic if one only allows references to basically unrelated non-internet sources. In that case, there should be no references at all. She is invisible, right?

Fantastic research group with more than our small sect could ever hope to compile.<<>> This site as fallen.... oh, what has the world come to.


Cloe the Profet's site has also fallen, with the destruction of Geocities. However, before it fell, I hand-copied her faithful words, and have now resurrected her teachings. "


The home of our official logo:


Grace to be said at the Supermarket

-Howard Nemerov


"This God of ours, the Great Geometer,

Does something for us here, where He hath put (if you want to put it that way) things in shape,

Compressing the little lambs into orderly cubes

Making the roast a decent cylinder,

Fairing the tin ellipsoid of a ham,

Getting the luncheon meat anonymous

In squares and oblongs with all the edges bevelled

Or rounded (streamlined, maybe, for greater speed).

Praise Him, He hath conferred aesthetic distance

Upon our appetites, and on the bloody

Mess of our birthright, our unseemly need.

Imposed significant form. Through Him the brutes

Enter the pure Euclidean kingdom of number,

Free of their bulging and blood-swollen lives

They come to us holy, in cellophane

Tansparencies, in the mystical body.

That we may look unflinchingly on death

As the greatest good, like a philosopher should."